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How Does a Home Generator Work in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Frisco?

How do home generators work, and why are they such a good fallback power option? Home standby generators, or backup generators, are placed in a specific spot on your property. In the event of a blackout, they can be connected to your home's natural gas line or liquid propane tanks. A power supply and an electronic transfer switch make up the backbone of a typical home generator package option.

Home Generator

The electrical panel in the house is wired to an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Because of the unique controls, the ATS and electrical panel can collaborate to handle the property's emergency power requirements. The ATS keeps continuous tabs on the home's connection to the utility line to detect a power loss.

When an ATS detects a loss of electricity, it immediately activates the backup engine. The time it takes for the ATS to identify a power outage and for the generator to start up is less than twenty seconds. When compared to other choices, using standby generators is hassle-free and straightforward because they are fully automatic. Once your home's emergency generator is up and running, it will continue to supply electricity until the utility power is restored. As soon as utility electricity is back on, your ATS will automatically turn off the generator.

When you need to install a home generator to protect your property in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, and other DFW cities that we serve, give us a call at 817-646-1999 or click here to make a reservation a generator installation today at your property in DFW. Let us eliminate the hassles of power outages from your life forever.

Seamless Standby Automatic Generators by North Texas Generators

Nothing else is done to your backup power system for select-circuit or whole-house generator setups. If you are the owner and operator of a managed home, you may take additional measures during a blackout, based on your specific requirements. You can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the generator with the help of power management tools in addition to the ATS.

Standby Automatic Generators

The Amplify power management system is an alternative choice for electricity distribution. The Standby Generator Management app on your smartphone grants you complete management and monitoring of the generator in this setup. When the power goes out, you can check in on the status of the backup engine from wherever you happen to be. The transfer switch and the app allow you to control which circuits receive electricity during a blackout by communicating with your generator. This system allows you to link up to 32 high-wattage appliances without worrying about an overload, giving you greater freedom and control over your environment.

A further choice in power control systems is the Symphony II Transfer Switch. The generator and your home's wiring are able to communicate with each other so that the distribution of electricity is handled automatically. When configuring the Symphony II transfer switch, you can favor up to eight high-watt appliances. Then, Symphony II activates each device in turn, preventing a system overload and shutdown immediately. When you turn off one device, another one will begin functioning automatically. When running multiple appliances at once, like washing and stove, it may not be necessary to have the air conditioner running. However, as soon as you turn off those gadgets, the AC will begin running.

With so many options, it's possible to customize a house generator to meet your precise requirements, regardless of its size. When the power goes out, your generator kicks into high gear to keep you running until the utility company restores service. Any home, no matter how big or small can benefit from having a backup generator that can kick on in the event of a blackout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical run time of a household generator?
To supply electricity to a medium-sized house, a standby generator can operate for up to 3,000 hours on average, though continuous use of a generator is not advised for more than 500 hours.
When there is a power outage, how does a generator function?
The generator is connected to the building's electrical system through an automatic transfer switch. When there is a power cut, the transfer switch generates alternate electricity.
Is an inverter a preferable option to a generator?
Unfortunately, the output of an inverter generator is limited in comparison to that of a standard generator. More efficient generators consume less fuel.
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